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Welcome to the Thrive wiki! This is where developers of the Thrive evolution game can share information. If you're not a Thrive developer and are wondering how you can contribute to the project, check out our page on how to join this wiki. For more information on Thrive, you can also visit the Thrive Development Forum and learn about the project.

If you're already registered, you can jump right in and start editing this wiki. Check out this page to learn how to get started with page creation and editing.

If you're just experimenting with the syntax, please do it in the Sandbox rather than on an actual page with useful information. The Sandbox is a good place to learn how to use the Wikidot wiki software, and you can't mess anything up while editing it.

Advantages of a WikiEdit

You may be asking why a wiki is the best solution for organizational problems within the Thrive project. Of the many advantages a wiki has over a traditional webpage or forum, there are a few which were the deciding factor in making this Thrive wiki. First and foremost, a wiki is flexible. New pages can be created and edited with much ease, so dedicating time to learning a markup language such as HTML is not necessary to contribute to the project. While the same is true for forums, wikis are much more organized than the former. Once something no longer needs its own wiki page, the pages can easily be deleted to avoid being flooded in irrelevant information.

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